About Colocation

Many organizations find that offsite colocation with a trusted provider offers an attractive alternative to operating their own data center. Some of the key benefits of choosing to use colocation services from a full service provider include:

Reduced IT Management Costs

Cost savings is one of the largest benefits of colocation. Many organizations find that they are able to dramatically reduce their IT spending by switching to a colocation solution. Colocation gives your organization access to an ideal data center environment without having to invest in and maintain backup generators, HVAC equipment, and UPS systems of your own.

Reliability and Uptime

Maintaining business continuity is an important objective for any organization. Having access to a facility that is engineered to provide redundant power, network and cooling is a sizable advantage. ColocationPLUS utilizes redundant power circuits, generators, UPS systems, HVAC equipment and ISP connections to ensure your organization has the most consistent uptime and business continuity possible.

24/7 Expert Support

Utilizing a colocation solution gives you access to our around the clock local support technicians. Our team works hard to ensure that every customer’s IT needs are taken care of. We will help you manage your hardware, troubleshoot network issues or even assist with system administration.

Security and Data Protection

With the number and frequency of data breaches increasing every year it is more important than ever to find a secure and closely monitored IT solution. Our high security data center is located in a former military facility and has been upgraded to provide the latest in security innovations. Our data center is equipped to protect your data from both physical and virtual intruders as well as natural disasters.

Room to Grow

Our data center provides you with everything you need, when you need it. Need more space, more power and more bandwidth? No problem. ColocationPLUS has everything needed to scale your IT solution with the growth of your business.

What We Offer Colocation services designed to fit the needs of any organization

Single Server

Only need enough space to house a single server? We have you covered. Our single server offerings are an economic way for your organization to benefit from all the advantages of a colocation solution.

Full Racks

We have the space and infrastructure to support large scale colocation needs including a full rack and multiple racks. Move your servers to our infrastructure and enjoy the reliability, security and scalability of our data center.


We offers optional firewall services to all of our customers. Having a firewall in place is a crucial step to securing your IT infrastructure. Have a preferred firewall solution of your own? Bring it along.

Remote Hands

Need help now? Our 24/7 expert technicians are on stand by to help you keep up with the physical maintenance of your server.

Back Up Space

Don't wait to backup your data. Rest assured knowing your organization's data is safe with a backup storage solution.

Redundant Power Drop

Protect your infrastructure from blackouts by adding an redundant power drop. Our secondary circuit will guarantee your machines stay powered no matter what.

System Administration

Our skilled support staff are familiar with a wide range of technologies. Let us help you get your servers configured and keep them running as intended.

Network Administration

Let our network experts help solve your networking headaches.

Custom Solutions

We can build you a custom colocation solution designed to fit the exact needs and budget of your organization.

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